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HCO & CO. has rich experience of more than 60 years in the field and having served a diverse clientele from individual taxpayers to conglomerates; the firm's Audit practice has grown continuously and continues to be one of the major areas of specialization. We take a constructive approach to our audits.

Our planning process avoids any surprises or uncomfortable situations by managing issues upfront rather than during the audit. Our Audit Methodology is based on the Auditing Standards issued by the ICAI which are converged with the International Auditing Standards.

As an experienced audit firm, we believe in performing audits efficiently, with minimum disruption, and our expertise allows us to achieve this. We focus on providing crucial insights that you and your stakeholders can use for accurate and resourceful reporting.

Our audit approach is pragmatic, relying on a risk-based audit methodology, built on extensive planning and client input, and is fully supported by the latest technology and tools. Our audit team delivers credibility to your financial statements and reports, provides assurance to directors, and insights to your leadership to improve systems while managing risk.

HCO & CO. is a distinguished audit firm, recognized for its exceptional auditing and consulting services. With a commitment to excellence and a keen understanding of the local market, HCO & Co. stands out among audit firms, offering a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the needs of businesses operating within the region.

As a premier audit firm, HCO & Co. provides meticulous audit and assurance services that help businesses maintain compliance with regulatory standards and achieve their financial objectives. The firm’s team of highly skilled professionals leverages deep industry knowledge and cutting-edge methodologies to deliver accurate and insightful audit reports. This dedication to precision and reliability ensures that clients can trust the financial information presented, fostering transparency and confidence among stakeholders

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