Due Diligence

Systematic approach to analyse & mitigate risk

Financial due diligence seeks to check whether the financials showcased in the Confidentiality Information Memorandum are accurate or not.

Financial due diligence aims to provide a thorough understanding of all the company’s current financials, with comparable statements of the last year, the company’s projections and basis of such projections, capital expenditure plan, schedule of inventory, debtors and creditors, etc.

The financial due diligence process also involves analysis of major customer accounts, fixed and variable cost analysis, analysis of profit margins, and examination of internal control procedures. Financial due diligence additionally examines the company’s order book and sales pipeline, in order to create better (more accurate) projections.

Our Due Diligence Experts explore the depths of organizations with reference to their Financial Transaction correctness, confirmation of facts, exploring existence of undisclosed liabilities, past, present and future and help in eliminating the risk and potential flaws of investing at domestic and international locations.

Also our specialist team of downstream sector auditors provides in-depth, reliable due diligence audits to our customers detailing confidential confirmation of risk levels likely to be encountered.

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