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Experience and knowledge are essential in international tax as often there are very few warning signs that you have a problem

With the encouragement of foreign direct investment inflows into India there has been a liberalization of the Indian taxation scheme, the Government of India has come forward with ways to ensure that non-residents abroad make investments in India which is imperative for the long term growth of the economy. Special tax provisions are enacted in the statue to encourage the foreign investment through special tax concession and incentives.

The Indian government has become progressively stricter about what is considered income under tax law and who must file an income tax return. In particular, companies required to withhold taxes, and individuals or companies in receipt of income, have found themselves subject to increasingly stringent withholding rules.

The topic of withholding taxes can be problematic both for the payer (whether resident or non-resident) and for the recipient of the income (whether resident or non-resident).

Commercial transactions between the different parts of the multinational groups may not be subject to the same market forces shaping relations between the two independent firms. “Transfer Price" may be arbitrary and dictated, with no relation to cost and added value, diverge from the market forces. Multinational organizations are operating in an environment of unprecedented complexity.

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