Global Connections with Local Experts

ANTEA-Alliance of Independent firms

At HCO we are committed to help our clients get access to global resources wherever they need them. With this philosophy in mind, we became members of International Network "ANTEA-Alliance of Independent firms". HCO is now represented in over 70 countries with more than 300 offices all over the world.

ANTEA, is an international alliance of independent firm specialized in all areas of taxation, accounting, and business consultancy services.

Membership in ANTEA is by invitation only and therefore, only those firms and advisors that have the best professionals and high prestige in their home country are selected. The associations hand-picked qualified members have the knowledge and expertise of big firms, combined with the personalized services and cost-effectiveness that only independent local firms can provide. .

At HCO, the interests of our clients are paramount. Our focus on the mid-market means we have a real understanding of the environment in which our clients operate and are ideally placed to help them grow and prosper

As an independent firm associated with ANTEA, HCO, can connect you with highly knowledgeable and dedicated tax professionals around the world, so you can benefit from:

  • Local experts with an international reach

  • Dedicated staff specialized in your industry

  • A wealth of expertise in tax and business development matters

  • The same quality level, professionalism and personalized services across international borders

  • An international network of professional service firms ready to help you wherever you want to go

ANTEA is ranked on extraordinary positions at the International Accounting Bulletin (IAB). These classifications emphasise the leadership and the strength of our alliance in the international context. Also at HCO we have formed strategic alliance with other Accounting Firms in various countries .These alliances will provide our clients, access to established networks of in-depth experience and resources

United Tax Network Worldwide (UTN)

HCO has worldwide presence through United Tax Network Worldwide (UTN) for global mobility solutions and its streamlined processes ensure seamless interactions and connected services through the whole global mobility process

UTN is a global mobility network providing advisory and compliance services on international taxation. UTN provides expat tax solutions and not Chartered Accountants services and therefore is not bound Sox and similar regulations in the USA, Europe and Asia. As a member of United Tax Network Worldwide we have colleagues all over the world who are prepared to deal with the international part of mobility taxation issues. This gives us the opportunity to create corporate and personal solutions that are of the highest quality.

What sets United Tax Network apart from others is ability to deliver high-level strategic support on decision-making, cost analysis, corporate and individual tax issues. It is the intention and aim of United Tax Network to work closely with our clients to make sure that the many complicated issues in cross border taxation are made understandable and workable for clients and employees. For all your global mobility solutions you have a trusted partner with international associations.