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Our Shared Values

Perhaps the most defining characteristic of the people of HCO, and a major point of differentiation in the marketplace, is our commitment to a set of shared values. Shared values are the essential and enduring tenets of our firm and our employees, and shape our behaviours and performance.

While these values set us apart from the competition, we don’t hold them to gain a competitive advantage. We hold them because they guide personal and professional growth for our employees, our clients, and business associates.

  • Accountability : We take ownership of our work and responsibility for our actions by consistently honoring commitments to the best of our ability, on time, and without reminders.
  • Commitment to Excellence : We exceed the expectations of ourselves and our clients by continually improving and enthusiastically committing to do our best.
  • Integrity : We adhere to a code of principles that ensures that decisions are made and actions are performed with honesty, sincerity and the highest ethical conduct.
  • Positive Culture : We support a collaborative and innovative environment that empowers employees to excel professionally while balancing a chosen personal life that provides growth, satisfaction and enjoyment.
  • Exceptional Client Relationships : We build and maintain long-term personal and professional bonds with our clients by proactively attending to their business needs with dedicated service and a sincere interest in their success.

Firms Quality MEASURES ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFIED

A level of trust and confidence in a firm's reputation can be achieved only if users of the Financial Statements are assured with the quality of the audit work that a firm is able to provide.

In Operations

  • Adoption of Accounting and Audit & Assurance Standards issued by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and also the relevant International Accounting Standards and International Standards on Auditing.
  • Use of documented / standardized audit plans, programs, procedures, and manuals.
  • Supervision and Review of audit work by Audit Manager and Partner.
  • Yearly peer review of important closed files by another partner of the firm.
  • Regular in-house training and exchange of knowledge / experience gained.
  • Developing expertise in different fields of the firm's practice.
  • Attending various seminars and conferences related directly or indirectly to audit and consulting fields of the firm's practice.

In Administration

  • Strong internal administrative policies to retain and attract competent professionals.